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Educational Success: Cradle to Career Initiative

  • Educational Opportunities: Educational success starts at birth and continues throughout life.
    • Ages 0-8 Action Plan
      • Kindergarten School Advisory Committee works with partners who work with children ages 0-5 for school readiness.
      • Big Brothers Big Sisters' Mentoring Program is into its second year which pairs at-risk kindergartners and second grade students with volunteer high school students.

    • Middle School Age Action Plan
      • Encourage middle school students to participate in extracurricular activities by having an Activities Fair.

    • High School to Post Secondary Action Plan
      • Implement a Business/Industry Tour program for high school students, parents, and teachers.
      • Implement a Job Shadowing Program for high school students.
      • Implement a Mentorship Program for high school students.

  • Parenting Education: When families come together, everyone wins.
    • Strengthening Families Program
      • Seven 2-hour group session preceded by a meal that includes informal family practices and group leader coaching.
      • Focusing efforts on families with children 10-14 year old range which consists of:
        • Parenting skills training
        • Children's life skills training
        • Family skills training

  • Substance Abuse: Substance Abuse affects not just the user but the whole family and community.
    • Ages 0-8 Action Plan
      • Families with young children will have access to substance abuse services.
      • Substance abuse treatment services will reflect and be sensitive to the unique needs of families with young children.
      • Individuals coping with substance abuse getting the support for treatment options.

    • Youth Action Plan
      • Healthy Youth Coalition programs educate youth on the prevention of using drugs, alcohol, smoking, and risky behavior.

    • Business Action Plan
      • Empower employees and employers with knowledge and options in making informed choices in finding a solution by:
        • Developing a business and industry speakers' circuit.
        • Hold presentations for employees at their place of work.
        • Audit for effectiveness

    • Prescription Drug Abuse Action Plan
      • Educate health care professionals on the effects of local Prescription Drug Abuse.
      • Prescibers' Summits held providing a better understanding of how prescribed drugs are abused.
      • Determine what information is needed to inform prescribers on local alternatives in pain management without the worry of abuse or addiction.
      • Hold additional summits for information sharing and learning.

    • Community Services
      • Investigate and lead on acquiring transitional living facilities and reintroduction into society services.

How You Can Help:

Great schools have great communities. This is your opportunity to really make a difference in your community. If you are interested in volunteering, please call 715-735-7785 to sign up.